Die Szene _ TNG - SoftHeldgm2

"Samthandschuhe sind Zeitverschwendung."

Demo or Die

Seit meiner Zeit mit dem C64 war ich von Demos und Intros fasziniert. Bei diesen Programmen geht es darum zu demonstrieren, was mit der Maschine alles möglich ist. Das zu tun, was noch keiner getan.

Nach verschiedenen Versuchen habe ich mich vor einiger Zeit auf 4k Intros spezialisiert und bastele auch zur Zeit weiter an der Fortsetzung der CMath Reihe. Dort ist übrigens die wichtigste Zeile im Quellcode: #include <cmath>. (Wer das versteht, kann vermutlich C++ programmieren...)

Die Demoszene, das steht bei mir als aller Erstes für Leute, die versuchen, kreativ mit dem Computer umzugehen. Egal ob es sich nun um Musiker, Grafiker oder auch, wie in meinem Fall, um Programmierer handelt. Tatsächlich kann programmieren ein ähnliche interessanter Prozess wie Komponieren oder Zeichnen sein, auch wenn dies dem üblichen "Nichtprogrammierer" zumeist verschlossen bleibt.

Die Szene - Links

Erklärung Demoszene (Wikipedia)
pouet.net - viele Demos inklusive Bewertung
scene.org - grosses Demoarchiv

Evoke - Demoparty
Breakpoint - Demoparty

Demos/ Intros, die man gesehen haben sollte

PC - Demos

Animal Attraction
Beyond the walls of Eryx
Die Ewigkeit Schmerzt
Fair play to the queen
Final Audition
fr-025: the.popular.demo
fr-041: debris
fr-049: of spirits taken
Live evil
Media Error
route 1066
STS-02: Electric Kool-Aid
STS-04: instant zen
STS-05: Royal Temple Ball
Sweet Home Under Synthetic Clouds
tactical battle loop
Track One
we cell

PC - 64k

A Place Called Universe
Binary Flow
Chaos Theory
Che Guevara
Dead Ringer
Fiat Homo
fr-019: poemtoahorse
fr-08: .the .product
heaven seven
Kings of the Playground
Meet The Family
please the cookie thing
Project Genesis
The Prophecy - Project Nemesis
Zoom 3

PC - 4k

evoke spacerace
hi freaks
Industrial Light and Magic
Mojo Dreams
Quantum Chaos
San Angeles Observation
stoerfall ost

Commodore Amiga

Desert Dream
fake elektronik lightshow
Finnmark (4k)
Little Nell
lux aeterna luceat eis
Noxie (4k)
Ocean Machine
Planet Loonies (4k)
Smoke Bomb
State of the Art

Commodore 64

Artefacts (4k)
Boogie Factor
Desert Dream
Deus Ex Machina
Error 23
Natural Wonders
Non Plus Ultra
Royal Arte
Second Reality 64
The Throckmorton Device


Aura for Laura (PS2)
Bloody Memories (Xbox 360)
Cellulose (Brother Drucker)
core (Atari VCS)
Derealization (Atari Falcon 030)
evoid droid (Xbox 360)
Five Finger Discount (GBA)
f07 - The Function 2007 Invitation (Xbox 360)
i'am the seed (ZX Spectrum)
kkolor (ZX Spectrum)
Matt Current (GBA)
Newton never did this, BITCH (GBA)
old skool invitro maker (ZX Specktrum)
SHizZLE (PokeMon Mini)
Suicide Barbie (PSP)
Your song is quiet (ZX Spectrum)

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" balas Adina lagi. Tiba-tiba pintu terbuka dengan kuat. Dengan siapakah mereka berperang?. saya ikutkan sahaja kerenahnya. Balik dulu ya. aku mengoyak rakus kertas pembalut hadiah pemberian Kak Nina, kemarahanku tiba - tiba meluap.siapalah kita nak mengubahnya kan. Saat aku menjejakkan kaki di rumah papa hanya tubuh kaku kau yang menyambut aku Juga wajah sendu mama dan papa serta seraut wajah lesu tak bermaya abang Kimi mendukung seorang bayi yang tidak berkesempatan untuk mengenali ibu kandungnya Waktu tu tiada lagi wajah ceria kau tiada lagi suara kau yang riuh bercerita itu ini setiap kali kunjungan aku ke rumah papaDia berhenti seketika Di seka perlahan airmata yang merembes di pipi Semakin dikesat semakin laju pula air jernih itu mengalir di pipinya Begitulah yang berlaku setiap kali dia membaca surat itu Setelah agak tenang dia menyambung kembaliSetiap kali aku pandang muka Aleya Farhana pasti aku teringat kat kau Muka dia memang iras sangat dengan muka kau Fotostat Dari mata kau yang sepet tu hidung kau yang kecil sampailah bibir comel kau itu Cuma satu yang diwarisi daripada abang Kimi iaitu sepasang lesung pipit Kau pun mesti ingat kan lesung pipit Abang Kimi lah yang membuatkan kau terbayang-bayang dulu Sekarang ni anak kau pun ada daya tarikan yang sama Dua-dua belah pulak tu Comel sangatHana DahliaKau beruntung kawanku sebab abang Kimi sayang sangat-sangat dekat kau Aku tahu dia rindukan kau Selalu aku tengok dia termenung Dan pernah juga sekali aku ternampak dia asyik merenung gambar kau Lama dia peluk gambar kau Hana Aku tak cemburu langsung tiada tapi aku sedih Aku tahu walau macam mana sekalipun aku tetap tak dapat gantikan tempat kau dalam hati dia Kau tetap paling atas Hana sentiasa agung dalam hatinyaBersemadilah dengan aman sahabatku sesungguhnya aku redha dengan pemergianmu" Surat untuk Hana"terus dia berpaling menghadap tubuh badan empunya suara itu Pantas tangannya menekan ikon pangkah Sungguh dia tidak menyangka Hakimi ada dibelakangnya ketika itu Dah berapa lama Hakimi berdiri dibelakangnya Nampakkah Hakimi akan isi kandungan surat itu Persoalan itu terus berlegar-legar dalam fikirannya Dia mengerling sekilas ke arah Hakimi dan dapat dirasakan mata Hakimi masih merenungnya tajam Untuk melegakan perasaan itu dia bangkit dari kerusi ingin menuju ke balkoni Belum sempat kakinya melangkah terasa pergelangan tangannya dipagut lembut tapi kemas Dia berpaling Menunggu apa yang ingin dikatakan oleh lelaki di depannya itu"We need to talk" Tegas suara itu memberikan arahan Shazreen hanya mengganguk Tiada guna melarikan diri Dia tahu lambat laun perkara ini mesti dibincangkan juga Dia berpaling menghadap Hakimi menunggu butir bicara yang akan keluar dari ulas bibir suaminya itu"Kenapa Reen tulis macam tu" tenang suara Hakimi mengutarakan soalan Shazreen hanya membisu tidak berniat untuk menjawab Sekilas matanya dilirikkan ke arah Aleya yang sedang lena tidur di dalam baby cot nya disudut bilik"Jawab soalan abang Reen" Shazreen masih lagi diam "Betul ke"lagi soalan keluar dari mulut suaminya Apa yang betul Hairan sungguh dia dengan perlakuan suaminya hari ini Suka buat orang tertanya-tanya"Sejak bila Reen jadi diam macam ni" Hakimi sudah hilang sabar"Sejak abang juga jadi seorang yang pendiam bila berdepan dengan Reen Sejak abang anggap Reen seolah-olah tidak pernah wujud depan abang Sejak abang."tidak sempat dihabiskan ayatnya bila Hakimi pantas memotong"Reen abang tak pernah pun anggap Reen macam tu Tidak sesekali Kenapa Reen tak bagi tau perasaan Reen pada abang""Buat apa Tak penting pun""Penting Reen Kalau abang tau Reen sukakan abang abang akan?""Abang nak buat apa ketawakan Reen sebab jatuh cinta pada abang Ketawalah abang Reen tak kisah""Apa yang Reen nak sampaikan ni sebenarnya""Sudah la abang Benda dah lama berlalu Reen dah lupakan tu semua""Tidak Reen Kita kena bincang Abang tahu Reen tak pernah lupakan itu semua Kalau lupa kenapa Reen tulis surat pada Hana mengadu pada yang sudah tiada Abang ada kat sini Reen boleh ceritakan apa saja pada abang" Shazreen hanya tersenyum sinis Siapakah Hakimi unt

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STORY WRITTEN FOR und USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: April 11, 2010Two hours into a planned 6.5-hour spacewalk, astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Clay Anderson, assisted by the space station's robot arm, have successfully removed a partially depleted 1,295-pound ammonia coolant tank and temporarily stowed it on an astronaut tool cart.After attaching a pair of radiator servicing fixtures to the power truss, thespacewalkers will turn their attention to installing a full 1,700-pound ammonia tank carried up by the shuttle Discovery that was temporarily parked on the truss Friday.If all goes well, the old tank will be moved to the shuttle Discovery's cargo bay during a third spacewalk Tuesday.There have been no problems of any real significance during Sunday's spacewalk, although manually detaching the old tank and holding it steady so the station's robot arm could lock on proved to be a bit of a challenge.With Mastracchio holding the massive tank in place, Anderson helped orient it so Stephanie Wilson, operating the robot arm, could lock on. But as he was trying to move out of the way, his suit apparently got hung up on some attachment fittings,imparting a slow movement to the big tank."OK Clay, all right, you just watch, it looks like you may be putting a couple of rates into the tank," spacewalk coordinator Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger warned."Yeah, I know," Anderson said, trying to get clear of the tank. "Stand by. Gosh dog it. ... Crud! You silly beast, jiminy Christmas!""Clay, what's happening there?" Metcalf-Lindenburger asked."It's one of these pit pin lanyards," Anderson explained. "There, I'm off.""OK, I copy, I know there's a lot of supplies over there on your left,"Metcalf-Lindenburger said. "Just go slow, it's fine, there's no rush, there's plenty of sunlight for them to grapple with.""All right, Rick, I think I'm out of your way," Anderson said a moment later.A few minutes after that, Wilson drove the robot arm in to capture the tank."The SSRMS has the tank," she confirmed."Thank you," Mastracchio said.Wilson and shuttle pilot James Dutton then moved the depleted ammonia tank to an astronaut equipment cart on the front side of the station's siolar power truss and the spacewalkers secured it in place with six tethers."And Rick and Clay, Steph and Jim and Dottie, real nice job, great team work," shuttle commander Alan Poindexter radioed. "You guys are doing great. It's really awesome to see you working."This is the 142nd spacewalk devoted to station assembly and maintenance sinceconstruction began in 1998, the sixth so far this year and the second of threeplanned by Discovery's crew.Running about 45 minutes ahead of schedule, Mastraccio andAnderson, floating in the Quest airlock module, switched their spacesuits to battery power at 1:30 a.m. EDT to officially begin the spacewalk.Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:STEP-BY-STEP WALKTHROUGH OF EVA NO. 2 VIDEO:PREVIEW OF FLIGHT DAY 7 ACTIVITIES VIDEO:SATURDAY EVENING'S FLIGHT DIRECTOR INTERVIEW VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 6 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:CREW'S HOME MOVIES FOR FLIGHT DAY 6 VIDEO:SATURDAY MORNING'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:SCIENCE RACK INSTALLED BY JAPANESE ASTRONAUTS VIDEO:NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL EVENT VIDEO:CBS AND NEBRASKA MEDIA INTERVIEWS WITH CREW VIDEO:SMOKE ALARM IN THE ZVEZDA SERVICE MODULE VIDEO:PREVIEW OF FLIGHT DAY 6 ACTIVITIES VIDEO:MISSION EXTENSION NEWS FROM FLIGHT DIRECTOR HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 5:SPACEWALKERS RETURN TO AIRLOCK HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 5:UNLOADING THE LEONARDO MODULE HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 5:STATION'S NEW EXERCISE MACHINE HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 5:OPERATORS OF THE ROBOTIC ARM HIGH DEFINITION TV DAY 5:SPACEWALKERS FREE AMMONIA TANK VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 5 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:CREW'S HOME MOVIES FOR FLIGHT DAY 5 VIDEO:STOWAGE RACKS MOVED INTO STATION VIDEO:NEW LABORATORY FREEZER FOR KIBO VIDEO:FRIDAY MORNING'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:RATE GYRO ASSEMBLY REMOVED FROM STATION VIDEO:NEW AMMONIA TANK STOWED IN TEMPORARY SPOT VIDEO:ANCHORING FIXTURE ATTACHED TO AMMONIA TANK VIDEO:EXPERIMENT RETRIEVED FROM JAPAN'S SCIENCE DECK VI

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lihat di seberang sana adalah Kampung kita. sudikah saudari menjadi sayap kiri perjuangan saya. "Ima menjelaskan dengan tenang."Abang tak salahkan Su."Terima kasih sayang, Namun akhirnya dapat juga kami sampai dan menonton filem upinundipin geng pengembaraan. Pertama kali aku keluar bersama jimi ketika aku meminta jimi membantu aku dlm masalah laptop. Tangan yang berusia itu diletakkan di atas ubun-ubun Aafia Maisarah. acik duduk dalam almari ni. bagaimana pula dengan masa depanku? Sebagai anak sulung aku harus menjadi contoh teladan terbaik dalam semua aspek buat ketiga-tiga orang adik Aku perlu membuktikan kepada adik-adikku walaupun mereka tidak dilimpahi kemewahan namun kejayaan pasti akan dikecapi jua jika kita berusaha Di samping itu aku juga tidak mahu mengecilkan hati orang tuaku Aku tidak mahu dikatakan mementingkan diri sendiri**********************************"Kenapa muka kau macam orang ada masalah je aku tengok Termenung sana Termenung sini Kalau ada masalah kongsilah dengan aku Mana tahu mungkin aku boleh tolong" ujar Iskandar kepadaku ketika kami sedang menikmati makanan pada waktu rehat di kantin sekolah Iskandar merupakan kawan baikku sejak dari sekolah rendah" Entahlah Is aku pun tak tahu macam mana nak jelaskan Aku seolah-olah berada dalam dilema sekarang Makin lama aku fikir hal ni makin tertekan aku jadinya" aku membalas"Baiklah Macam ni sekarang kau terangkan pada aku satu per satu Apakah perkara pokok yang mengganggu kau sekarang sebenarnya"Iskandar menyambung "Aku yakin setiap masalah itu pasti ada jalan penyelesaiaannya Apa yang penting kita yang harus bijak menguraikan ikatan yang menyimpulkannya itu" Iskandar tak pernah putus asa untuk membantuku Aku sangat bersyukur kerana dikurniakan seorang rakan yang layak digelar sahabat Sahabat yang kita cari tatkala kesusahan sahabat yang sama-sama bergelak ketawa di saat gembira dan sama-sama menangis di saat duka"Sebenarnya macam ni Kau tahu kan hampir setiap hari selepas sesi persekolahan aku akan mengikut ayah dan ibuku berniaga di pasar malam Tengah malam baru aku tiba di rumah Tidur aku tak pernah cukup apatah lagi nak mengulangkaji pelajaran Memandangkan peperiksaan SPM tinggal kurang tiga bulan saja lagi kadang-kala aku ada terfikir untuk berhenti membantu mereka buat seketika" aku cuba juga menjelaskan satu per satu kepada teman karibku itu"Ok Tapi aku tak nampak di mana masalahnya Kau beritahu sahaja ayah kau tentang perkara ini" ujar Iskandar"Itulah masalahnya Aku tak sampai hati nak beritahu mereka Malah aku risau ayah aku tak mengizinkannya Kau tahulah dengan adanya aku membantu mereka pun masih banyak lagi kerja yang tak selesai setiap malam Macam mana pula keadaannya kalau aku tak menolong mereka Tambahan lagi kalau mak aku tak sihat Tak kan ayah aku nak berniaga seorang diri" begitu panjang lebar sekali aku membalasnya sambil menghabiskan baki nasi lemak dalam pingganku itu"Kalau nak mengupah pembantu tentu pendapatan mereka akan berkurangan Tanpa pembantu sekarang pun pendapatan yang diperoleh sekadar cukup makan sahaja" aku menambah lagi"Jadi sekarang ni keputusan terletak di tangan kau Kau kena segera berbincang dengan ayah kau untuk menyelesaikan masalah ni Aku pun terfikir juga bagaimana keadaan kau nak mengulangkaji pelajaran di rumah jika setiap hari menjelang tengah malam baru kau pulang Aku rasa ayah kau mesti faham kalau kau jelaskan betul-betul perkara ni" ujar Iskandar tanpa jemu menyatakan pendapatnya kepadaku"Baiklah aku akan cuba untuk berbincang dengan mereka secepat mungkin Apa pun terima kasih banyak-banyak Is sebab sudi berkongsi masalah aku ni" aku tidak lupa mengucapkan terima kasih kepada sahabatku itu atas keprihatinannya kepadakuSambil menghirup baki teh tarik yang masih tinggal di gelasnya itu Iskandar membalas"Apalah sangat setakat nak bagi nasihat macam ni Kau pun dah banyak bantu aku dalam pelajaran terutamanya subjek Matematik Tambahan Beruntung aku dapat berkawan dengan Raja Matetmatik sekolah Haha" Iskandar sempat lagi bergurau denganku sambil kami beransur-ansur bergerak meninggalkan kantin menuju ke kelas"Ka

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Kiri kanan semuanya hutan.", aku bersiap menyarung sepatuku. saya setuju sekali.," emm. apa hal Daniel telefon Min malam malam ni" tanyaku bertujuan untuk menukar topik perbualan kami Dan ternyata Daniel memang mudah lalai dengan pertanyaanku itu" a??ah la Nasib baik Min tanya Daniel pun dah hampir terlupa nak bagitahu Min ni" Jelasnya pula" apa dia" soalku ingin tahu sambil membelek belek halaman buku ditanganku itu" Daniel dah cakap dengan mama dan papa Daniel tentang Min Diorang nak jumpa Min Lepas tu Daniel nak suruh mama dan papa masuk meminang Min Macam."Aku memotong percakapan Daniel sebelum sempat dia menghabiskan baris ayatnya" kejap kejap Kenapa Daniel tak bincang dengan Min dulu Kenapa cakap dekat mama dan papa Daniel sedangkan Min masih belum bersetuju pun nak couple dengan Daniel Dan satu lagi Min hairan lah kenapa Daniel boleh suka kat Min Sedangkan Min ni tak cantik Kalau Daniel setakat nak mempermainkan perasaan Min Min rasa baik Daniel tarik balik la niat Daniel tu" Luahku kepadanya" siapa cakap Daniel nak main mainkan perasaan Min Daniel ikhlas Walaupun Min tak cantik Daniel tetap suka Min sebab Min baik sebab Min pernah selamatkan Daniel dulu Jelasnya kepadaku "Min ingat tak yang Min pernah bagitahu Daniel dulu yang Min nak sangat tengok bunga sakura Tak kiralah kat Jepun ke Korea ke yang penting Min dapat tengok bunga sakura tu dengan orang yang Min sayang dan kalau boleh Daniel nak jadi orang yang tengok bunga sakura tu dengan Min" Jelasnya panjang lebarPenjelasannya itu membuatkan aku diam seribu bahasa Tidak tahu bagaimana aku hendak menggambarkan perasaan pada masa itu Aku tidak menyangka yang Daniel masih lagi ingat tentang bunga sakura walaupun sudah hampir 2 tahun aku ceritakan tentang impian aku itu Impian untuk melihat bunga sakura bersama orang yang aku sayang Impian yang cukup simple tapi susah untuk direalisasikan suatu masa dahulu" Min kenapa Min diam je ni" suara Daniel kedengaran dihujung talian" tak tak ada apa apa Min Cuma tak tahu nak cakap apa je Min tak sangka Daniel ingat lagi" jelasku*********************************************" Min nak tema " hari kita" nanti warna pink putih tau Macam warna bunga sakura Min pakai warna Pink Daniel pakai warna putih Okay" tanyaku kepadanya" okay je Daniel ikut je Nantikan tak pasal pasal pulak ada orang merajuk dan tak nak kahwin dengan Daniel" Katanya sambil berseloroh" jangan nak perli Min okay Nanti Min merajuk betul betul baru tahu Lepas tu terpaksa la Daniel cari pengantin perempuan lain lah nampaknya" Jelasku sambil berlalu pergi Daniel segera mengejar langkah kakiku" tadi mama dengan suruh kita pergi butik pergi tengok baju pengantin kita Lepas tu mama suruh beli apa yang patut maksud Daniel barang barang hantaran untuk Min Daniel nak Min pilih sendiri apa yang Min nak" Beritahunya kepadakuHari yang ditunggu tunggu akhirnya tiba juga Perasaan aku pada hari itu langsung tidak dapat digambarkan dengan kata kata Jantungku berdegup dengan kencang sekali Terasa segala yang dilakukan menjadi serba tidak kena Dengan sekali lafaz akhirnya aku sah menjadi isteri kepada Daniel Syahmi bin Dato?? Adam" ha menantu mama ni nak pergi honeymoon kat mana nanti" Tanya ibu mertuaku tiba tibaPertanyaan itu sedikit sebanyak membuatkan aku berasa agak malu" tak tahulah ma Min ikut je pilihan Daniel" Jelasku pula" ishk budak ni korang ni dah kahwin tak elok panggil nama macam tu" Sampuk ibuku pula yang muncul dari dapur" bu Min tak biasala Dah terbiasa panggil Daniel guna nama" Jelasku kepada ibukuDaniel yang terdenngar perbualan kami menyampuk secara tiba tiba" ya lah Kita kan dah kahwin mana boleh panggil nama lagi Sekurang kurangnya kena panggil abang" Jelasnya sambil ketawaSaat itu aku dapat rasakan bahawa muka aku sudah menjadi merah padam Tiba tiba ibu mertuaku bersuara" ha daniel nanti nak honeymoon kat mana"" kalau yang tu surprise la ma Nanti sampai masanya Daniel bagitahu okay?? jelasnyaHmm surprise la sangat Entah kat mana la dia nak bawa aku agaknya ni Bebelku sendirian***************************************************************************Esok

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Jadi,sebenarnya tuhan memberikan ayah kesempatan terakhir?? Kesempatan untuk apa ya Hanya hati saya yang dapat menerkanyaKami bertemu ibu yang duduk terpekur di bangku ruang menunggu berhadapan bilik rawatan ayah Ibu memeluk erat tubuh saya dalam seribu keharuan Ibu menguras senyumnya yang itu Senyuman rahsia Tiada air mata Tiada pelupuk mata yang berkaca-kaca Tiada sinar ceria juga di bening mata tua itu Sungguh rahsiaSaya tertanya-tanya dalam hati apa rahsia dibalik senyuman ituAdakah senyum itu bertanda puas Puas kerana tuhan sudah membidas dosa ayah yang menyakiti kehidupan mereka selama ini Dia yakin ibu bukan seorang pendendamDia kenal luhur hati ibuAdakah senyum itu bertanda syukur Syukur kerana seluruh anggota keluarga baru ayah sudah sampai ajalnya dan ayah pasti akan kembali pada mereka Dia pasti ibu sudah belajar dari kesilapan lalunya Hati ibu masih jera dengan sikap ayah dan sukar untuk menerimanya kembali Dia yakin tentang ituAdakah senyum ibu petanda pasrah Pasrah memikirkan diri akan menjadi balu setelah ayah menemui ajalnya nantiPasrah akhirnya terlepas dari gelaran ?gantung tak bertali? itu Saya yakin ibu sudah lama pasrah tentang takdir dirinya Ibu sudah lama redhaSaya masih tidak dapat menjawabnya biarpun fikiran saya diperas untuk itu Ia terus menjadi rahsia di hati ibuIbu menggenggam tangan saya Saya ditarik agar menemaninya masuk ke bilik rawatan ayah Benak saya berdebar-debar Hati dilanda seribu kekeliruan Saya hanya mampu berdiri di hadapan katil ayah sahaja Tak mampu untuk terus melangkah mendekati Hati saya kosongMata saya lesu memandang ibu yang terus duduk di sisi kanan ayah Menggelus kura tangan ayah yang terlantar lemah Ayah membuka pelupuk matanya Mata mereka saling bertatap Ayah menghamburkan tangis isaknya Airmata ayah tidak putus-putus mengalir membasahi seluruh wajah dan bantal putih yang memangku di kepala Ibu terus mengelus-elus kura tangan ayah seakan menenangkannya Wajah ibu masih bersenyum seperti itu tanpa airmata Tanpa isak tangis mahu pun mata yang berkaca-kaca Begitu tenang Mereka saling bertatapan seakan berbicara secara batin Hanya mereka sahaja yang tahu Dan situasi itu berlangsung setelah ayah kembali menutup kelopak matanya tidak lama kemudian Ajal menjemputnya dengan wajah tenang yang masih dibasahi sisaan air mata Tangannya yang masih menggenggam erat jari-jemari ibuDan saya sudah dapat menangkap rahsia ituSenyum ibu penuh kemaafan***Senyum terakhir ibuSaya masih ingat peristiwa syahdu itu Ibu sudah terlalu tua Tubuhnya yang dimamah usia mulai melemah untuk beriak aktif seperti biasa Ibu terlantar sakit meniti hari tuanya di bilik rumah saya Saya yang menjaganya kini Menyuapkan makan dan minumnya dengan penuh telaten Memandikan ibu dengan air semangat kehidupan Juga menjaga setiap situasi kepikunan dirinya dengan penuh ketabahanYa Dunia kehidupan itu seperti warna demi warna yang sering berputar ganti Saya membalas jasa ibu memelihara warna-warna kehidupan muda saya dulu dengan ikut menjaganya pula kini Saya memenuhi rutin diri saya menemani ibu mewarnai detik-detik tuanya Warna-warna yang sudah kelam untuk kembali memutih bersedia untuk menemui Sang PenciptanyaKini sudah dua bulan ibu bersemadi Dua bulan lalu ibu tidur nyenyak dan tidak bangun-bangun lagi setelah pagi menjelang Ibu pergi dalam tidurnya yang aman Tanpa rintihan sakit dijemput ajal Tiada keluhan nazak Wajah ibu tenang persis bersenyum seperti biasanya Senyum persis bayi tampa cela dosa Damai di pagi hari itu seakan merelakan pemergian ibu ke alam barkah?? Setelah 5 tahun tidak bertemu mahupun mendengar suara, Bagi Umaira', Ada sesuatu yang bersarang di benak mindanya. Sesuatu yang sangat berat dan harus diselesaikan dengan segera." Assalamualaikum makcik.tumpang tanya boleh" Saiful menegur ibu Wafiyya Mak Milah Sambil itu matanya menyorot ke arah gadis manis bertudung litup di belakang ibunya Nasib baik dia memakai kaca mata hitam kalau tidak mesti dia dituduh bermata keranjang" Waalaikumussalam.ya encik nak tanya apa" Mak Milah berasa segan dengan tetamu yang tidak diundang itu Sudahlah pakaian mereka s

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mati kau!!!"jerit Mak Leha sambil menarik-narik rambutnyaAda kalanya Mak Leha bertindak menghentakkan kepalanya ke dindingDarah merah mengalir setiap kali Mak Leha menghentakkan kepalanya ke dinding lantas dinding bilik berlumuran dengan darah Mak LehaKeadaan Mak Leha bertambah buruk apabila Mak Leha semakin rancak menghentakkan kepalanya ke dinding sambil diiringi oleh bunyi hilaian yang memenuhi ruang bilik dan menaikkan bulu roma sesiapa sahaja yang berada di situMak Leha ketika itu bagaikan telah berubah menjadi seorang yang amat asing bagi kamiDalam keadaan yang samar-samar ituaku dapati kadang kala bagaikan terlihat wajah lain di sebalik wajah Mak LehaAku berasa semakin gerunMemandangkan keadaan Mak Leha yang semakin tak terkawal itumaka bapa meminta aku pergi meminta pertolongan daripada penduduk kampung yang lain Dengan langkah yang pantasaku berlari selaju-lajunya menuju ke rumah jiran lainTak sampai lima minitberita perubahan Mak Leha yang menakutkan itu sudah tersebar di seluruh kampungRumah Mak Leha yang dulunya sepi kerana jarang dikunjungi orang lain kini riuh dengan suara penduduk kampungRuang rumah Mak Leha semakin dibanjiri oleh penduduk kampung yang ingin mengetahui apa yang berlakuSesetengah penduduk datang dengan hati yang bersimpati manakala sesetengahnya pula dapat aku rasakan datang untuk melihat balasan yang diterima oleh Mak Leha yang buruk sikapnya itu "Aku nak balik!Aku nak balik!Lepaskan aku!"ruang rumah bergema dengan jeritan Mak Leha ituKeadaan menjadi semakin riuh dengan Mak Leha yang ingin meninggalkan rumah tersebutTiada siapa yang tahu ke mana dia hendak pergi dan dia hendak balik ke manaKeadaan Mak Leha amat menakutkan sesiapa sahaja yang memandangDarah berlumuran membasahi wajah Mak Leharambutnya yang mengerbangmatanya yang begitu merah dan tajam menjeling kesemua orang dan kadang-kala pula dia ketawa serta mengilai dan menangis pula secara tiba-tibaMak Leha ketika itu juga menjadi seorang yang amat kuat tenaganyaBayangkan seorang wanita perlu ditahan oleh limaenam orang penduduk kampung yang besar tubuh mereka untuk mengelakkannya melepaskan diriAkhirnya Mak Leha tak sedarkan diri setelah iman kampungNgah Salleh membacakan ayat-ayat suci diiringi oleh semua penduduk kampung yang berada di situBeberapa orang penduduk kampung diarahkan berada di situ menemani Mak Leha dan SophiaAku dan bapa bersama dengan penduduk kampung yang lain balik ke rumah masing-masing dengan perasaan yang letih dan gerun Jam sudah menunjukkan tepat dua belas malam namun aku masih tak dapat melelapkan mataAku tak dapat melelapkan mata kerana masih teringatkan kejadian di rumah Mak Leha petang tadiTambahan pulasejak balik dari rumah Mak Lehaaku berasa serba tak kena dan dapat aku rasakan bagaikan ada sepasang mata yang mengekori setiap pergerakkankuBulu roma aku juga sering menegak secara tiba-tiba dan keadaan menjadi dingin padahal malam itu cuaca agak panasSayup-sayup pula kedengaran bunyi bisikan di cuping telingakuAku menjadi semakin rimas dan tak senang hati dengan keadaan iniAku tak sedar bila aku terlelap "MinMin tolong mak cikboleh takMak cik sejukmak cik takutmak cik sakitmak cik rindukan anak mak cik."sayup-sayup aku terdengar rintihan pilu daripada satu suara yang tak pernah aku dengarSegera aku membuka mata dan dalam kegelapan aku terlihat sesusuk tubuh yang berpakaian baju kebaya berwarna putih berdiri di sudut bilikWajah itu agak ayu dan manis dan wanita dengan baju kebaya putih itu sempat melemparkan sebuah senyuman kepadakuAku menjadi kaku tanpa sempat memberikan tindak balas "MinMin tolong mak cik ya."Sebaik sahaja melafazkan kata-kata tersebutwanita tersebut hilang daripada pandangankuTiba-tiba aku tersedar daripada keadaan kaku dan tanpa berlengah aku mencubit lenganku"Adui"lenganku terasa sakit akibat cubitan tersebutSerta-merta aku berasa amat takut dan badanku mula menggigil ketakutanIni bermakna sebentar tadi aku terlihat hantu.."Sebenarnya mak cik ingin meminta bantuan Min.Min tolong mak cik ya. Mana pulak datang Kamarul Hisham ni."Ryn dulu kau kawan baikku tapi kenapa kini kau sanggup bua

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mengapa perlu ada debaran menggila saat terpandang redup matanya?"Epul awak balik lah Saya tak nak orang kampung bercakap bukan-bukan tentang awak dan saya Kalau ada cerita tak enak yang buruk dan busuk namanya adalah saya Awak anak ketua kampung tak ada sesiapa berani canang perkara buruk-buruk pasal awak" Dengan susah payah ayat itu terkeluar juga Dia tidak mahu Saiful berla-lama di halaman rumahnya Dia tahu sangat sikap penduduk kampungnya yang suka menuduh dan membuat spekulasi sebelum kebenaran terdedah."Tini saya sedih tengok awak macam ni Saya tak tunaikan janji saya pada awak." Saiful mengetap bibir Menahan rasa sebak yang datang Malah hatinya dipagut rasa bersalah teramat sangat apabila melihatkan kehidupan Hartini yang maish tidak berubah Bukankah dulu dia yang berjanji akan sama-sama merubah kehidupan Hartini Dia juga yang berjanji akan sama-sama mengharungi kesusahan Hartini Ya Allah Kejamnya aku Berdosanya aku kepada wanita ini Ya Allah."Epul kalau dulu saya tak yakin tetapi sekarang saya dah pasti.Perasaan awak kepada saya selama ni bukan atas dasar cinta tetapi hanya simpati Sebab itu bila awak jauh daripada saya perasaan awak pada saya juga menjauh.Saya mengaku setelah bertahun-tahun saya sandarkan harapan kepada awak dan awak telah musnahkan harapan tu hati saya terluka dan terhiris teruk.Walaupun saya tak pamirkan tetapi Allah tahu kesakitan yang saya rasa Tapi sampai bila saya harus bersedih Sampai bila saya mahu membenci awak dan Adila Epul saya masih ada Allah.saya tak bersendirian Awak jangan risau.janji-janji awak kepada saya saya anggap ianya sebagai impian yang tidak kesampaian."Entah daripada mana datangnya kekuatan diri dia memberanikan diri meluahkan apa yang dia rasa.Aneh debaran yang menggila dalam hatinya seketika tadi juga hilang Ya Allah terima kasih."Tini Awak cakap apa ni Awak fikir cinta saya kepada awak selama ni hanya kerana simpati" Saiful terkejut Tidak dia sangka Hartini berprasangka begitu terhadapnya selama ni"Saya cakap apa yang saya rasa.""Tini saya ikhlas cintakan awak""Dan awak juga ikhlas melukakan hati saya."Hartini cuba untuk bertenang Hati sedaya mungkin dipujuk agar tiada air mata yang gugur tetapi dia tiada daya.Jiwanya piluperasaannya bagai dicucuk-cucuk sembilu mendengar ucapan demi ucapan yang terkeluar daripada mulut Saiful"Saya tak berniat nak lukan hati awak Semuanya berlaku dengan terlalu pantas dan saya sendiri masih keliru dengan keadaan yang saya hadapi sekarang ni."Oh tuhan Sakitnya hati mendengar kata-kata Saiful. Lelaki inikah yang aku dambakan selama ini Layakkah lelaki seperti ini untuk memimpin rumahtangga aku nanti Layakkah dia Hartini berisqthifar dalam hati."Saya.Saya tak mampu nak menolak cinta Adila kepada saya."Saiful meraup wajahnya berkali-kali Sudah lama dia menyimpan keberanian untuk berterus terang Semakin hari jiwanya semakin tidak tenteram dan dia tahu hanya dengan berterus terang kepada Hartini."xpayah la call.dia orang dating kot. Tunggu bas la.ape lagi. Mestilah ada banyak perkara yang kamu tak tahu dan tak faham." Mak Jah menjawab sambil itu dia memotong sawi yang baru di cucinya tadi"Kalau macam tu Isha tolong masakkan boleh ker""Pandai ker" soal Mak Jah sengaja dia ingin mengusik gadis di hadapannya itu Dia senang dengan perangai gadis ituAlisha hanya mengangguk Lalu dia mengambil alih tugas Mak Jah menggoreng mee kuning itu Sementara itu Mak Jah menyiapkan ruang meja makan di luarMinyak di masukkan kedalam kuali Kemudian dia masukkan tumisan bawang Bila bawang sedikit kuning dia masukkan sotong dan udang Lalu di gaul sekali Sedang asyik dia menggaulkan masakan dalam kuali itu terasa seperti ada tangan yang melilit di pinggangnya Apa lagi terkejutlah dia Sudu di tangan hampir saja di hayun untuk memukul si pengacau itu"Ait." Zafran menutup malunya.kalau dia seorang yang bertindak jadi pengerusi,perasaan kami yang tergadai. Seorang saja? Sebab aku pun tak sure sama ada benarkah nombor itu milik jejaka yang ku benci," Hey kenapa kau pulak macam nak marah padahal aku la yang patutnya marahkan kau sebab baca surat aku tanpa kebenaran " Mi

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Spaceflight Now Plus subscribers can watch this video in Discovery departs the international space stationShuttle Discovery undocked from the international space station at 3:53 p.m. EDT Wednesday, ending an 8-day assembly visit. The shuttle delivered the final solar array power module, attaching the 15.5-ton truss and unfurling its giant wings that completed the space station's power grid and doubled the amount of electricity available for international science aboard the outpost. (.pdf download)Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 11 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:WEDNESDAY'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:TIME-LAPSE OF FLYING AROUND THE SPACE STATION VIDEO:STUNNING VIEWS OF SPACE STATION FROM FLYAROUND VIDEO:FOOTAGE OF SHUTTLE DISCOVERY AFTER UNDOCKING VIDEO:SHUTTLE DISCOVERY UNDOCKS FROM SPACE STATION VIDEO:HATCHWAY CLOSED BETWEEN TWO SPACECRAFT VIDEO:FAREWELL CEREMONY BETWEEN THE TWO CREWS VIDEO:PREVIEW ANIMATION OF UNDOCKING AN FLYAROUND VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 10 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE MORE:MORE:President calls station to chat with astronautsPresident Barack Obama, hosting school kids and members of Congress, called the crews of the shuttle Discovery and the international space station Tuesday, quizzing the astronauts about life in space and offering congratulations for a successful station assembly mission.FREE VIDEO: (.pdf download)FREE VIDEO: Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:SOYUZ MOVED TO LAUNCH PAD FOR EXPEDITION 19 VIDEO:ROCKET HOISTED VERTICALLY ONTO LAUNCH PAD VIDEO:INTERVIEW WITH ISS DEPUTY PROGRAM MANAGER VIDEO:INTERVIEW WITH FORMER ISS COMMANDER VIDEO:PRESIDENT OBAMA CALLS THE SPACE STATION VIDEO:JOINT CREW IN-FLIGHT NEWS CONFERENCE VIDEO:TUESDAY'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 9 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE MORE:MORE:Station's external cargo fixture remains stuckThe failure to fully deploy an external cargo carrier mechanism during the Discovery crew's final spacewalk Monday will have no immediate impact on space station assembly, the flight director said. The jammed carrier, intended to support pallets carrying spare parts and other equipment for downstream use, may be repaired by the station crew or astronauts on an upcoming assembly flight. (.pdf download)FREE VIDEO: Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:MONDAY'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:SPACEWALKER RICK ARNOLD WORKS ON STATION ARM VIDEO:SPACEWALKER JOE ACABA MOVES RAIL CART VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 8 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE MORE:MORE:Discovery moves station to ease space debris concernDiscovery commander Lee Archambault maneuvered the shuttle-space station "stack" Sunday to avoid multiple close encounters with a piece of Chinese space junk that could have posed a threat during a third and final spacewalk Monday. Space station commander Mike Fincke, meanwhile, made solid progress with lab's urine recycling system and resumed testing late in the day after resolving a snag earlier in the day. (.pdf download)Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:SUNDAY'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:NEWS MEDIA INTERVIEWS WITH CREW VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 7 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE MORE:MORE:Spacewalkers finish part of their Saturday to-do listEngineers are studying options for freeing a jammed locking pin, part of a clamp that apparently was installed backwards by a spacewalker Saturday in the topsy-turvy world of microgravity. The backward clamp prevented a stowed space station cargo carrier from fully deploying and locking into place.FREE VIDEO: (.pdf download)Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:SATURDAY'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:WALKTHROUGH OF SPACEWALK NO. 2 PLAN VIDEO:FLIGHT DAY 6 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE MORE:MORE:Power-making wings unfurl- flight plan changedNASA managers, thrilled at the successful deployment of a fourth and final set of solar arrays on the international space station Friday, approved a revised flight plan that will delay hatch closure and the shuttle Discovery's undocking slightly to improve the odds of getting critical experiment samples back to Earth in case of weather wave-offs that might delay the orbiter's return. (.pdf download)Additional covera

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Photo credit: MHIJapan launches air traffic, weather spacecraftBY STEPHEN CLARKSPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: February 18, 2006 The H-2A rocket launches with MTSAT-2. Credit: JAXAAir traffic controllers and meteorologists in Japan have a new tool at their disposal after today's successful launch of a new satellite that will conduct a dual mission to serve both communities for the next decade.As the second member of Japan's Multi-Functional Transport Satellitefleet, MTSAT-2 will join another craft launched one year ago to aid in airtraffic management and weather forecasting throughout the eastern Asia andwestern Pacific regions.MTSAT-2 was delivered into space by an H-2A rocket that lifted off fromthe Yoshinobu launch complex at the Tanegashima space center on thesouthern end of the Japanese island chain. Launch occurred at 3:27 p.m.local time, or 0627 GMT (1:27 a.m. EST).The final countdown ticked along as planned, and every milestone wassuccessfully completed near the slated time. The 174-foot tall launcherrolled from its integration building to its seaside launch pad abouttwelve hours prior to blastoff. Fueling of the first and second stageswith liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants was finished with sixhours to spare.In addition to the core two-stage vehicle, the mission required themaximum of six solid rocket boosters to deliver the 10,000-pound craftinto orbit. Officials say MTSAT-2 is the heaviest individual satelliteever launched by Japan.After tracking southeast across the Pacific Ocean, the launcher's secondstage released the satellite as programmed about 28 minutes after liftoff,and a ground station in Chile received the first signals from the newspacecraft ten minutes later. The rocket performed as expected anddelivered the payload into geostationary transfer orbit. The planned orbit had ahigh point of 22,300 miles, a low point of 155 miles, and an inclinationof 28.5 degrees.One of the first activities to bring MTSAT-2 online was to partiallydeploy the satellite's solar panel to produce enough electricity to chargethe craft's batteries during the critical commissioning and orbit-raisingphase. Three burns of an on-board kick motor will place the spacecraftinto a circular geostationary orbit some 22,300 miles high within the nextthree days. In five days, MTSAT-2 should have fully extended its solarpanel and antennas so it can begin a series of tests before being declaredoperational for the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau and Japan MeteorologicalAgency.Once testing is complete, MTSAT-2 will settle into its permanent parkingspot in geostationary orbit along the Equator at 145 degrees Eastlongitude, or directly over Micronesia in the western Pacific.Built by Mitsubishi Electric, the spacecraft carries Ku-band, Ka-band, andL-band instruments to help make air travel more efficient and safer in theFar East and along crowded trans-oceanic routes over the northern Pacificlinking Asia with North America. The two-satellite MTSAT system is acritical part of a new air traffic control concept using space assets andrelay stations to assist controllers in tracking and communicating withaircraft.The satellite will provide direct voice and data links from controlcenters to the cockpits of airliners - a vast improvement over theprevious heavy reliance on ground-based antennas with limited range. TheMTSAT spacecraft will also help enhance the navigation data gathered byGlobal Positioning System satellites, and automatically transmit thatpositioning data to air traffic controllers using its data relaycapability when aircraft are beyond the range of radar sites.During the ten-year mission, the combined effect of these improvementsshould expand the airspace capacity across Japan and the adjacent watersof the Pacific, where crowded skies have caused difficulties forcontrollers. Precise navigation information will be available at airtraffic control consoles on radar screens, and direct communications willbe more consistent between pilots and the ground.MTSAT-2's second operational objective is to serve as a weatherobservatory for Japane

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STORY WRITTEN FOR und USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: July 4, 2006Update for 6:25 p.m.: Debris spotted by astronaut Mike Fossum shortly after the shuttle Discovery reached orbit today appears to be harmless ice, not an insulating blanket as Fossum first speculated, flight controllers say.In a brief radio message to the crew, mission control reported "the initial assessment here is it does indeed look like ice. We saw a similar event on STS-114 (Discovery's last flight a year ago) but we're going to continue to look at it further and we certainly appreciate you getting that video to us pronto.""Wow, that's real good news," a Discovery astronaut replied.Original story:Astronaut Mike Fossum, photographing the shuttle Discovery's external fuel tank as it tumbled away in space, told flight controllers today that he also noticed what appeared to be a large piece of debris, presumably from the shuttle itself, floating away in space.Fossum said the debris looked like flexible reuseable surface insulation, blanket-like fabric insulating material that covers the upper surfaces of the shuttle. But Fossum said he was not sure and engineers in Houston speculated it might have been ice breaking away from the orbiter's main engine nozzles.Whatever it was, Fossum said he captured the debris on video that will be downlinked to mission control for analysis."We saw what really appeared to be some cloth, probably some FRSI or advanced FRSI, that's pure speculation on my part," Fossum radioed. "But it seemed to be stitched-type material, at least four to five feet long, perhaps six to eight. I couldn't really guess at the distance away from us. It was sort of tumbling and twisting, it was kind of a combination of straps and a little bit of squarish material, which is why it really looks a lot like the insulation."He later estimated the debris, whatever it might have been, was perhaps 40 yards away from Discovery when he spotted it, between the orbiter and the external fuel tank.Fossum was in the process of photographing the tank to help engineers understand how its foam insulation stood up to the rigors of launch. Astronaut Steve Frick in mission control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston told commander Steve Lindsey that flight controllers saw at least two instances of what appeared to be foam debris breaking away from the tank. But in both cases, the debris separated after the shuttle was out of the thicker, more dangerous regions of the atmosphere.For foam insulation to pose a threat to the shuttle's heat shield, it must come off in dense enough air to slow down rapidly, allowing the shuttle to ram into it at a high relative velocity. At extreme altitudes, the relative velocity is too low to result in major impact damage.At about 250 seconds into flight, Frick advised the crew, "they saw some pieces, maybe about five, that came off near the LO2 (liquid oxygen) feedline area. They don't know if they're ice-frost ramps or not. They know that some came near the fuselage, but they didn't see any contact or see any damage. Also, just to note it was about 240,000 feet and the Q (dynamic pressure in pounds per square foot) was all the way down to about one-and-a-half PSF.""OK, copy that," Lindsey replied."The only other item they noticed was noticed later, almost five minutes, about four-forty-five (four minutes and 45 seconds). They saw a piece come off the mid part of the tank, not sure if it's acreage (foam) or close to the feedline, and it did seem to strike the midbody (of the shuttle) somewhere about halfway between the main landing gear and the nose landing gear door."We'll, of course, look at it on the (space station approach) photos but the PSF there was about zero, you were way up at 350,000 feet, so that should not be a concern."Shuttle program manager Wayne Hale plans to brief reporters on the results of quick-look analysis of launch video starting around 7:30 p.m.Telescopes.comLargest selection and the best prices anywhere in the world. Free shipping on select items. is the largest dealer of both Meade and Celestron Telescopes. Vis


STORY WRITTEN FOR und USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: December 3, 2004NASA has quietly lifted post-9/11 security restrictions that included keeping shuttle launch times secret until the day before liftoff. NASA spokesman Michael Braukus said today the agency's revised policy governing what NASA tells the news media and the public in advance of shuttle processing milestones mirrors procedures in effect prior to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists attacks in New York and Washington."It's because our security level is lower and our security posture is better than it was prior to 9/11," he said by telephone from NASA headquarters in Washington.For the record, and assuming NASA can complete post-Columbia safety upgrades in time, the target launch time for the next shuttle mission, STS-114, is approximately 4:11 p.m. EDT (2011 GMT) on May 14, based on the projected orbit of the international space station. The actual launch period opens May 12, but post-Columbia lighting constraints for photo documentation are not met until two days later.In the wake of the 9/11 terrorists attacks, NASA managers imposed unprecedented security procedures similar in many respects to those once employed for classified military flights.Starting with mission STS-110 in April 2002, NASA stopped announcing when a shuttle countdown would begin and when a crew would arrive at the Kennedy Space Center for final preparations. Broad shuttle launch windows were announced in advance, but the exact launch times were not revealed until the day before liftoff. News organizations using widely available satellite tracking software capable of determining launch times with fair accuracy agreed not to publish the information until the agency made its formal announcement.In addition, shuttle processing milestones that normally were open to the media - the terminal countdown demonstration test at the launch pad, for example - were closed and crew itineraries were no longer announced in advance.Braukus said today procedures in effect for news coverage of STS-114 will be virtually identical to those in place prior to 9/11. But agency officials reserved the right to impose stricter procedures on a case-by-case basis and it remains to be seen what, if any, policy changes may be in the works for international journalists, non-NASA VIPs and other "special guests" of the agency.Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle's last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Space shuttle relics ready to roar again in Mississippi SPACEFLIGHT NOWPosted: August 3, 2014 STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss. -- The space shuttle's hydrogen-fueled rocket engines will soon roar again after receiving upgrades to fly on the Space Launch System, a heavy-lifting mega-rocket NASA hopes will take astronauts on journeys farther than humans have ever traveled. An RS-25 engine is installed on a test stand in Mississippi to begin testing for NASA's Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket. Credit: NASAThe first unmanned SLS flight is set for the end of 2017, at the earliest, but testing is already beginning to wring out the rocket's engines.Each Space Launch System flight will use four of the space shuttle main engines on its core stage. Two strap-on rocket boosters, derived from the solid rocket motors that flew on the space shuttle, will help the massive launch vehicle get off the ground.Astronauts will strap into an Orion capsule on top of the second SLS flight around 2021, launching a crew beyond low Earth orbit for the first time since 1972. The mission could visit a captured asteroid near the moon, assuming NASA's proposed asteroid retri

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STORY WRITTEN FOR und USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: June 8, 2007- Updated after news conferenceRunning three months late, the space shuttle Atlantis, carrying seven astronauts and a $367 million set of solar panels, roared to life and raced into orbit today, hot on the trail of the international space station. The shuttle's patched-up external fuel tank, its foam insulation heavily damaged by hail in February, appeared to withstand the rigors of launch without shedding any dangerous foam debris. Credit: Ben Cooper/Spaceflight NowWith commander Rick Sturckow and pilot Lee Archambault at the controls, Atlantis' three hydrogen-fueled main engines roared to life and spun up to full throttle before ignition of the ship's twin solid-fuel boosters at 7:38:04 p.m.The fuel-laden 4.5-million-pound spaceship instantly climbed away from pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center, wheeled about to line up on a northesterly trajectory and rocketed away up the East Coast to kick off NASA's 118th shuttle flight.Launch originally was scheduled for March 15, but the flight was put on hold after a freak Feb. 26 hail storm that blasted the top of the tank's foam insulation. More than 3,000 dings and gouges had to be repaired with poured or sprayed-on foam insulation, giving the tank a pockmarked, two-tone complexion.The first 135 seconds or so of flight are considered the most critical from a debris impact perspective because during that period, the shuttle is still in the lower atmosphere. Any lightweight foam debris that separates from the tank would decelerate rapidly in the thicker atmosphere, allowing the shuttle to run into it at a high relative velocity. Higher up in thinner air, debris does not slow as rapidly and impact velocities are lower.While detailed analysis of launch camera and video footage is not yet complete, television views beamed down from a camera mounted on the side of the tank showed a clean ascent with only one small piece of debris spotted just after solid rocket booster separation two minutes and five seconds after launch."We are glad to report that the external tank has performed in a magnificent manner," said shuttle Program Manager Wayne Hale. "I couldn't be prouder of the team and I think this bodes well for the future as we look forwared to the completion of the international space station."As for the debris, Hale said a preliminary analysis of launch video "indicates it didn't strike the orbiter.""It was at the very end, or just past, the aerodynamically sensitive time," he said. "Hopefully as we continue to make improvements in the tank we will eliminate even that, which should not be a hazard occurring that late in the flight."The remainder of Atlantis' eight-and-a-half-minute climb to orbit was uneventful. Aboard the space station half a world away, commander Fyodor Yurchikhin, flight engineer Oleg Kotov and Sunita Williams watched the launch on a video feed provided by flight controllers in Houston. If all goes well, Sturckow will guide the shuttle to a docking with the space station around 3:38 p.m. Sunday afternoon."What a great way to start the year and what a great way to start this mission," said Bill Gerstenmaier, chief of space operations at NASA headquarters. The shuttle's launch exhaust creates a dazzling view over the Vehicle Assembly Building an hour after liftoff. Credit: Ben Cooper/Spaceflight NowThe primary goal of Atlantis' mission is to attach a huge new set of solar panels to the right side of the station's main power truss, along with a powerful rotary joint to keep the huge arrays face-on to the sun. The combined truss segments tip the scales at nearly 36,000 pounds, making this one of the heaviest space station payloads to date. The two new solar panels, when fully extended, will stretch 240 feet from tip to tip and slowly rotate like giant paddle wheels.The astronauts also hope to complete the retraction of another set of identical arrays, used to provide power to the lab complex during the initial stages of assembly, so it can be moved to its permanent position on the left end of the p

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STORY WRITTEN FOR und USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: September 13, 2006Canadian astronaut Steve MacLean ran into the same problem today that spacewalker Joe Tanner encountered Tuesday: a lost bolt from a thermal cover on a newly installed solar array truss. Unlike Tanner, MacLean never saw the spring-loaded bolt separate from its retaining clip and float away. One minute it was there, the next it was gone."OK, on cover eight, a bolt is missing," MacLean radioed. "Bolt alpha. I did not see it go.""OK, Steve, I copy that, bolt 1 alpha is missing," Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper replied from inside the shuttle-station complex.MacLean and Dan Burbank were in the process of removing 12 launch locks on a massive rotary joint that ultimately will move the station's port-side solar arrays to track the sun as the station circles the globe.The solar alpha rotary joint was launched with its main gear locked in place. To remove the launch locks, thermal covers held in place by four spring-loaded bolts have to be moved aside. The covers are reinstalled after the locks are removed.The attachment hardware is designed to stay in place. But during a spacewalk Tuesday, a retaining clip apparently failed, or was knocked off its threads, and the clip and bolt floated away. Tanner was initially worried some of the hardware might have floated inside the SARJ but flight controllers dismissed that concern, saying they were confident the bolt and washer floated away from the station.Based on Tanner's experience, MacLean and Burbank were taking special care not to put any stress on the bolt hardware as they worked through the removal of the remaining 12 launch locks. MacLean even kept an eye out for the bolt that vanished Tuesday."Heide and Joe, I've been looking all along for that bolt," he radioed at one point. "Haven't seen anything."He was in the process of re-attaching a thermal cover when he noticed one of his bolts had disappeared."I'm standing by for your words," MacLean radioed after reporting the lost bolt. "Would you like me to remove the cover and take a look inside? The cover is tacked on right now with three bolts."Flight controllers asked him to do just that, adding "we're just specifically concerned about whether the washer is still there.""OK, the cover is removed again, slowly turning it around," MacLean said a few moments later. "And the washer is gone."Looking inside the truss, he reported seeing "nothing at all that looks like a washer." He then re-attached the thermal cover with the three remaining bolts and pressed ahead.Assuming the spacewalk stays on schedule, flight controllers plan to begin activating the SARJ around 11:15 a.m. If no problems are found, a drive motor will begin turning the main gear about an hour later to rotate a new, still-stowed set of solar arrays 180 degrees. That will put the P4 solar array blanket boxes in the proper position for deployment Thursday.As part of its initial checkout, the SARJ will actually rotate the outboard P4 array truss a full 360 degrees before reversing direction and moving back to the 180-degree position.Flight controllers plan to extend the panels a few feet late this evening. On Thursday, the astronauts will complete the job, sending commands that will cause a motorized mast to extend, pulling the folded solar panels from their boxes like venetian blinds. Fully extended, the arrays will stretch 240 feet from tip to tip.Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:STEP-BY-STEP PREVIEW OF SPACEWALK NO. 2 VIDEO:POST-EVA 1 STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:TANNER LOSES BOLT DURING ROTARY JOINT WORK VIDEO:PIPER UNFOLDS SOLAR BLANKET BOXES VIDEO:SECOND WING'S STRUCTURE DEPLOYED BY PIPER VIDEO:FIRST SOLAR WING'S STRUCTURE DEPLOYED BY TANNER VIDEO:STEP-BY-STEP PREVIEW OF SPACEWALK NO. 1 VIDEO:TRUSS HANDED FROM SHUTTLE ARM TO STATION ARM VIDEO:ARM MANEUVERS TRUSS OVER SHUTTLE WING VIDEO:TRUSS SLOWLY LIFTED OUT OF PAYLOAD BAY VIDEO:ATLANTIS' ARM GRAPPLES THE TRUSS VIDEO:MONDAY'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:ATLANTIS WELCOMED ABOARD THE STATION VIDEO:DOCKING REPLAY FROM CAMERA ON SHUTTLE ARM VIDEO

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STORY WRITTEN FOR und USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: May 28, 2014 A Soyuz spacecraft carrying a veteran Russian cosmonaut, a U.S. test pilot-astronaut and a German volcanologist rocketed into orbit Wednesday and chased down the International Space Station, gliding to a picture-perfect docking to boost the lab's crew back to six. The Soyuz rocket lifts off at 1957 GMT (3:57 p.m. EDT- 1:57 a.m. local time) from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Photo credit: NASA/Joel KowskyWith commander Maxim Suraev at the controls, the Soyuz TMA-13M spacecraft's forward docking mechanism engaged its counterpart on the station's Earth-facing Rassvet module at 9:44 p.m. EDT (GMT-4), five hours and 47 minutes after liftoff from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan."Contact and capture confirmed," reported Dan Huot, NASA's mission control commentator in Houston, as the two spacecraft came together 260 miles above the Pacific Ocean approaching the northwest coast of South America."Congratulations," a Russian flight controller radioed a few moments after docking. "We're wishing you good work and wishing you safe operations.""OK, thank you very much," Suraev replied. "We're going to do our best, we'll do everything we can."Following extensive leak checks, Suraev and his crewmates -- flight engineer Reid Wiseman and European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst -- planned to open the capsule's forward hatch to enter the space station where Expedition 40 commander Steven Swanson, Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev were standing by to welcome them aboard.After a traditional video conference with dignitaries and family members gathered at the cosmodrome, Swanson planned to conduct a safety briefing to bring the new crew members up to speed on station systems and emergency procedures before taking a break to close out a long day.The mission began with a sky-lighting burst of fire as the Soyuz rocket's first-stage engines roared to life at 3:57 p.m., quickly pushing the spacecraft away from the firing stand, the same launch pad used by Yuri Gagarin at the dawn of the space age.Suraev monitored the automated ascent from the command module's center seat, flanked on his left by Wiseman, a veteran Navy carrier pilot making his first spaceflight, and on the right by fellow rookie Gerst, a European Space Agency astronaut with a doctorate in geophysics.The climb out through a starry sky went smoothly and all three crew members appeared relaxed and in good spirits as they monitored cockpit displays, flashing smiles and thumbs up gestures on downlinked television.Four minutes after liftoff, the 150-foot-tall rocket's four liquid-fueled strap-on first-stage boosters shut down and fell away, followed three minutes later by separation of the central second stage core booster. The rocket's third stage then ignited to continue the drive to space.The third stage shut down as planned eight minutes and 45 seconds after launch. Moments later, the Soyuz TMA-13M spacecraft was released to fly on its own and the capsule's solar arrays and antennas deployed as planned to complete the initial launch phase of the mission. The Soyuz TMA-13M spacecraft approaches the International Space Station. Photo credit: NASA TVAsked what he looked forward to the most in his first spaceflight, Wiseman said "floating, the view, and the chance to do some science that maybe not now, but maybe 10 of 15 years down the road helps save somebody's life.""If we can something like that, then my time is well spent," he said in a pre-flight interview. "But the first thing I want to do when I get there, I've got to give Swanny a big hug, and then it's time to go look out the window."The launching came amid increasing tension between the United States and Russia in the wake of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, retaliatory U.S. sanctions and subsequent threats by a senior Russian leader to restrict the use of Russian rocket engines in American Atlas 5 boosters used to launch U.S. military satellites.Dmitri Rogozin, Russian deputy prime minister for space and defense, has also threatened

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STORY WRITTEN FOR und USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: June 29, 2004After a seven-year voyage from Earth, NASA's $3.3 billion Cassini probe is racing toward a make-or-break rocket firing Wednesday, a 96-minute maneuver designed to put the craft in orbit around the ringed planet Saturn for a four-year scientific odyssey.Flight controllers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., sent final commands to Cassini over the weekend, setting the stage for main engine ignition at 10:35:42 p.m. Wednesday. Cassini fires its engine to enter orbit around Saturn as illustrated in this artist's concept. Credit: NASA/JPLOperating more than 930 million miles from Earth - so far it takes radio signals an hour and 23 minutes to make a one-way trip - Cassini's on-board computer system must carry out the all-important rocket firing on its own.At this point, flight controllers can only sit and wait. And chew their nails."I think about the Cassini mission as having three primary segments and then two rather hair-graying events that connect those segments into one continuous mission," said project manager Bob Mitchell. "The segments are designing and building the spacecraft, flying the spacecraft to Saturn and then conducting the science mission at Saturn."And the hair graying events are launch and orbit insertion, which is coming up tomorrow. Now for the launch event, I think we've all recovered from that very nicely, primarily because it was just so outstandingly successful. ... We're about to go through our second hair-graying event."At a news conference today, he told reporters "I think I can speak for all the team members when I say that while we're all at least a little bit nervous, we're also very excited. It's an event we welcome very much and are pleased to have here."The goal of the Cassini mission is to study Saturn's windy atmosphere, its complex ring system, several of its icy moons and how the planet's magnetic field interacts with the space environment. In what promises to be one of the most exciting phases of the mission, a European-built probe called Huygens will be released from Cassini on Christmas Eve for a parachute descent into the thick nitrogen atmosphere of Saturn's moon, Titan, on Jan. 14.In all, Cassini is expected to complete 77 orbits of Saturn over the next four years, requiring 157 trajectory-nudging rocket firings. The gravity of Titan will be used for major course changes, with 45 planned flybys. Seven close flybys of smaller, icy moons also are planned.But first, Cassini must execute the Saturn Orbit Insertion maneuver, or SOI. This graphic shows the ring plane crossing and orbit insertion burn. Credit: NASA/JPLTo achieve orbit around Saturn, the 12,600-pound Cassini must reduce its velocity by about 1,400 mph using a rocket engine that only produces 100 pounds of push. As a result, the engine must fire for 96.4 minutes to put Cassini into the desired orbit.If the engine shuts down early, the computer will switch to a spare. But the end result must be roughly the same - 96 minutes of braking - or Cassini might not be able to achieve its long-awaited mission."There are no problems, we have no indication of any problems with the spacecraft that would have any adverse effect on SOI," Mitchell said. Added Julie Webster, lead spacecraft engineer: "This spacecraft, this whole mission has been an incredibly smooth one to fly.""This orbit insertion sequence is self contained on the spacecraft," she said. "We loaded up the last command we're going to send to it late Saturday night, Sunday morning, and we've just been clocking it out ever since and getting no indications of anything. We expect this to go very, very smoothly."The propulsion system has worked flawlessly since Cassini's launch aboard a Titan 4B rocket on Oct. 15, 1997. The only issue of any consequence was a leaking helium regulator that forced engineers to change the way they pressurize the system for major rocket firing.Helium is used to push propellants through Cassini's plumbing and into the main engine's combustion chamber at a constant

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STORY WRITTEN FOR und USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: July 1, 2004Making gravity visible, close-up images of Saturn's rings shot by NASA's newly arrived Cassini probe revealed an intricate, never-before-seen tapestry of icy particles herded into spiralling density waves by the effects of nearby moons. One of the images taken by Cassini from orbit of Saturn shows a close-up view of the planet's rings. Credit: NASA/JPLCarolyn Porco, leader of the Cassini camera team, a serious Beatles fan and one of the world's leading authorities on Saturn's ring system, was almost at a loss for words describing her initial impressions of the new vistas opened up by Cassini."I don't think you have to be a ring scientist to imagine what last night was like to us," she said of the spacecraft's arrival in Saturn orbit and the initial batch of ring pictures beamed back to Earth early today. "It was beyond description, it was mind blowing, it was every adjective you could think of."Even though we've had a long time to think about our images ... I'm surprised at how surprised I am at the beauty and the clarity of these images. They are shocking to me. You are going to see some images now, they were so shocking I thought my team here was playing tricks on me and showing me a simulation of the rings and not the rings themselves. It's just utterly remarkable."Cassini snapped 61 black-and-white pictures of Saturn's rings early today after completing a 96-minute rocket firing to brake into orbit around the ringed planet. Program manager Bob Mitchell reported this afternoon that engineering data radioed back from Cassini shows the spacecraft survived two ring plane crossings without incident and that all of its myriad subsystems were in good health and operating normally.Cassini skimmed over the top of the rings as it braked into orbit and shortly after main engine shut down, the spacecraft began carrying out commands to photograph the rings, first from the upper backlit side and then from below, where the thin disk of icy particles was bathed in direct sunlight.Because of Cassini's enormous velocity - 60,000 mph or so at engine cutoff - its cameras were programmed with shutter speeds of five thousandths of a second to prevent blurring. In the minute required to snap a picture, record the data and be ready for another shot, Cassini moved hundreds of miles, preventing researchers from taking overlapping photos or the multiple images required for color.But no one was complaining. One of the images taken by Cassini from orbit of Saturn shows a close-up view of the planet's rings. Credit: NASA/JPL"The Cassini cameras are far more capable than the Voyager cameras were, which is in large part why these images are so spectacular," Porco said. "The other part, of course, is that the spacecraft gives us a very steady platform. This machine, you turn it, you point it and it stays there. It's like a tripod in space. So it allows us to take very sharp images."Cassini will never again fly so close to the rings and the level of detail the craft's cameras captured was stunning. If there was a central theme to the pictures it was the ubiquitous presence of density waves, regions of alternating brightness and darkness that look like ripples in fine sand. The spacing of the ripples, caused by gravitational interactions with nearby moons, decreases as one moves outward from the planet."This is a telltale sign of a density wave, the wavelengths decreases as you go outward and also the amplitude of the wave damps so you see it disappear," Porco said, describing one picture. "These are characteristics ring scientists read like a book to discern what kind of properties the particles have, how densely they're packed and so on. As I said, this is unprecedented resolution for the imaging experiment."One image showed a density wave thinning out to the right and a so-called bending wave moving to the left across the field of view.In a bending wave, "it's not the number density of particles that is varying, it is literally the height of the ring plane," Porco said. "You can thi

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